How the Program Works

The Stamp Closing Gift program is a customized communication program and a powerful marketing tool that keeps your name in front of your valued clients every day. It is everything you want it to be as well as a personal "thank you" to the new homeowner client.

You simply purchase a supply of self-inking stamp closing gifts and provide your marketing information in an easy-to-use online format. This information will be designed for the top of your stamps to achieve a visual impact that meets your communication objectives.

We will retain your prepaid supply of stamps, permitting you to have one personalized with the new homeowner's name and address as needed ... and at no extra charge! The gift-wrapped Stamp Closing Gift is then sent directly to you or your client as desired.

Each new account includes:

  • Your custom self-inking Stamp Closing Gifts, available as needed.
  • Your full color marketing info on each stamp.
  • FREE gift packaging.
  • FREE delivery - Your gift is shipped in 1-2 business days!
  • Online access to your personal account.
  • Excellent customer service.

Pricing Info

Quantity   Unit Price   One-Time
Setup Fee
10 Stamps @ $21.95 ea. + $25.00 = $244.50
20 Stamps @ $20.95 ea. + $25.00 = $444.00
30 Stamps @ $19.95 ea. + $25.00 = $623.50
40 Stamps @ $18.95 ea. + $25.00 = $783.00
50 Stamps @ $17.95 ea. + $0.00 = $897.50

*Virginia residents add 5% sales tax

The #1 most practical and appreciated closing gift for a new homeowner.